In response to the brief ‘Creative Interactions’, this body of work closely follows the day to day jobs of a group of gardeners. After spending only a couple of days with the men, I got to know them well, and my pre-existing notions of what they may be like changed completely. Working in the gardens of a prestigious all boys boarding school, they often talked about how much they loved their job. They enjoyed being outside in the fresh air everyday surrounded by such exquisite and ancient grounds, the school being established over 600 years ago. The gardeners were well educated men, with a passion for the environment, they were calm and diligent. Although in total there were eight men working in the grounds of the school, only three were classed as gardeners, and I focussed on them specifically. I tried to metaphorically incorporate the number three into my work. Through my photographs, I tried to capture the extent of their dedication to work and coherently showing the beautiful scenery that engulfs them.